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Cabin Information

Lodge Building Lodge Lounge
Our Lodge Building The Lodge Lounge
Lodge Lounge

2017 Rates (all Prices in Canadian Dollars)

Four (4) Person Cabin - $200.00 per person per week

Six (6) Person Cabin - $200.00 per person per week

Eight (8) Person Cabin - $200.00 per person per week

NEW : Daily - $30.00 per person per day

Deposit of $100.00 per person required.

All rentals are taxable, at 5% GST and 9.75% PST, plus Lodging Tax of $3.50 per cabin per night.

Cabin Amenities

All cabins and housekeeping efficiencies contain a kitchen with dishes and cooking utensils,
a bathroom with bathtub or shower, electric heat, blankets and pillows.

*** Bring your own towels, sleeping bags ***

Eagle Cabin
Eagle Cabin Den
Eagle Cabin Kitchen
Eagle Cabin Kitchen
Pike Cabin